Wiring diagrams

Wiring diagrams are used as a map to find your way through the electrical circuit. Schematic and Connection diagrams (also known as wiring diagram) are the two main types of wiring diagrams.

Using the schematic diagram, you can learn the sequence of operation if it’s an appliance you’re not sure of.

The connection diagram (also known as wiring diagram) can be used to see where each wire connects to in the appliance.

All wiring diagrams will be shown in an at-rest position. This means no power is moving throughout the circuit and the thermostat is not operating. No device in the circuit will be energized while at rest and all switches are sitting in their default NO or NC position.

Schematic Diagram Example

Wiring Diagram Example

The footer of the diagrams will contain a legend and extra information needed to follow the diagrams as well as wiring information. This can be found in the appliance installation manual as well as the back of the appliance door cover.

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