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  • Combustion air: Air required to complete combustion (primary air and secondary air)
  • Ambient air: This is the air that surrounds us
  • Dilution air: The ambient air admitted to the draft hood, draft diverter, or draft regulator. It’s used to cool the venting system and vent the flue gases
  • Excess air: The portion of the combustion air supplied to ensure complete combustion can happen. This is added to combustion air
  • Primary air: The portion of air added to the air/gas mixture prior to ignition
  • Secondary air: The portion of air supplied prior to ignition around the flame

Aldehydes are a product of incomplete combustion. They’re irritating to the eyes, throat, and nose and smell terrible. Tastes somewhat metallic and are likely accompanied by carbon monoxide

The ambient air temperature is the dry-bulb temperature of the surrounding air

Applied voltage
The voltage supplied or applied to the electrical circuit
(also known as supply voltage) continue reading...